I’ve just come across this poem by Oleksandr Oles, written in 1931 as Ukrainians began to see the full horror of the collectivisation which led to what we now call the Holodomor: Stalin’s man-made famine. It seems apt to our present discontents, no?

Oleksandr Ivanovych Oles (real name Oleksandr Kandyba) (Ukrainian: Олександр Іванович Олесь) (1878–1944) was a prominent Ukrainian writer and poet. He is the father of another Ukrainian poet and political activist, Oleh Olzhych, who perished in the Nazi labor camps in 1944. He is one of representatives of the Ukrainian Cossack family of Kandyba.

When Ukraine fought the torturers
Giving life and death for its right to live,
Asking only for compassion,
Europe stayed silent.

When Ukraine lost blood and tears
In an unequal struggle,
Looking friendly assistance,
Europe stayed silent.

When Ukraine, maimed, laboured for the master,
Dragging an iron yoke across the earth,
When even the mute mountains moved,
Europe stayed silent.

When Ukraine was dying,
Having reaped a bloody harvest for the torturer,
Too hungry even to speak,
Europe stayed silent.

When Ukraine cursed its life
And become a mass grave,
When the devil himself wept,
Europe stayed silent.

Коли Україна за право життя
З катами боролась, жила і вмирала,
І ждала, хотіла лише співчуття,
Європа мовчала.

Коли Україна в нерівній борьбі
Вся сходила кров'ю І слізьми стікала
І дружної помочі ждала собі,
Європа мовчала.

Коли Україна в залізнім ярмі
Робила на Пана і в ранах орала,
Коли ворушились і скелі німі,
Європа мовчала.

Коли Україна криваві жнива
Зібравши для ката, сама умирала
І з голоду навіть згубила слова,
Європа мовчала.

Коли Україна життя прокляла
І ціла могилою стала,
Як сльози котились і в демона зла,
Європа мовчала.

All that you were told in childhood about fascists - you can forget. In comparison with Russians, fascists are small children.
In terms of number of war crimes, Russian army has long bypassed all armies of world combined.

The Russian army is most terrible army in world. And this is not propaganda or exaggeration. If you do not believe me, look at world map. Do you really think that more than 100 peoples have voluntarily become part of Russia?
If you believe in it - it's very bad. Because truth is that only a savage and merciless horde can conquer such territory. Russia conquered such territory by committing most terrible war crimes and genocide against peoples.
During Caucasian war they cut out a million Circassians. Cut out whole people. This could not even be done by Hitler, whom they declared a terrible monster just to hide their even more terrible war crimes. When Circassians had already capitulated, they were offered transportation for permanent residence to Turkey. Circassians believed Russians and agreed. No one reached Turkey. They were taken out to open sea and drowned there.
The most surprising thing is that Circassians were cut out to help Georgians. Now Georgians are being slaughtered to help Ossetians. Russians always kill someone.
What is strength of Russian army? fact that she does not spare either herself or enemy. value of life for Russians is negligible. That's why nobody wants to fight with them. Even Chinese. With Russians fighting only madmen like Hitler or brave Chechens.
Do not believe lies that Russians have never fought against Ukrainians. We fought many times. Everyone remembers massacres that Peter Great arranged. But we will not go so far into past. last war was in 1918, when over a million Red Army men came to Ukraine, who organized a terrible massacre here and established Soviet power at cost of huge blood. Then this Soviet government created an even more terrible Holodomor.
Now here comes same horde, to build another bright future, called "the Russian world". For sake of this bright future they are ready to kill as many Ukrainians as they need.
Even now they cut and kill Ukrainians only because they wear a flag or speak Ukrainian. Two people were slaughtered in Kharkov for Ukrainian flag, three in Donetsk. And that was before war began. When a serious war begins, bill will go to tens of thousands of dead. Just for Ukrainian word will be scoring to death. This is nonhumans.
You do not think that if you are half Russian, or speak Russian, you will be saved. There were also many Russians in Grozny, but this did not save them from carpet bombing and grenades that Russian Ivans threw into cellars in which Chechen and Russian women with children were hiding.
Russians do not know how to fight at all, because they prefer drunkenness to military art. Therefore, they are fighting with terrible sacrifices both among their own and among peaceful population. Zhukov, who sent them with cuttings from shovels instead of rifles and bricks instead of grenades on German machine guns, they still consider great generals and a brilliant strategist.
The corpses of killed civilians and enemy soldiers are sold by Russian officers to their relatives. You will not get a corpse for funerals free of charge. Russian officers, sale of corpses is business. So it was in Chechnya and Georgia.
If you think that protests of mothers of killed soldiers can stop carnage - you are mistaken. They can not. life of a soldier for Russian leadership means nothing. Do not believe me? Remember Nord-Ost and Beslan. They do not regret even children. A soldier who returned from war in Russia is considered something of a miracle. Those who served in Soviet army remember that officers did not hesitate to tell soldiers how many minutes they will live after outbreak of war.
If you have children of a female at age of 13, it is better to take them out of zone of occupation. Russian soldiers are rapists. Violent women and children are usually drunk and crowded, then killed or intimidated. You will not achieve truth. More you can read about exploits of "hero of Russia" Colonel Budanov. Chechens killed him precisely because of rape and murder of Chechen girls. Russian politicians declared him a hero. Anywhere, but take out girls and hide them.
There were hundreds of such Budanovs in Chechnya. It simply became a symbol of violence and murder of Chechen girls.
As a child, we were told a lot about Nazis, who burned entire villages for cooperation with partisans. Russian army is doing same. If there are insurgents in your village, there will be a sweep during which people will be killed indiscriminately, even pregnant women and infants.
If you are interested in how Russian army is doing stripping, watch movies on You Tube at request of Samashki. From seen hair stand on end, but unfortunately it's true. genocide of Chechens was insane. They were cut out by whole villages.
It was after one such sweep that Shamil Basayev made his famous raid in Budennovsk. He simply showed Russians what their army was doing in Chechnya.
Russian human rights activists who write truth about war crimes of Russian army are being killed. last high-profile murders of Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova. These are very famous people not only in Russia, but also abroad. They were killed with demonstrative cruelty, so that there was no doubt for what. And Putin gave an ambiguous comment about both murders, so that everyone could understand that he was not at all against massacre of these women.
Another danger that awaits people who fell under Russian occupation - death squads. These squadrons make Russian invaders more terrible than Nazis. Germans have never had anything like this, Russians practice it in all occupied territories. When they left Chechen villages in settlements they found whole mass graves.
The death squads in occupied territories appear immediately after entry of Russian troops. In beginning, people disloyal to invaders are lost, therefore potentially disloyal, and then those who were denounced or who looked askance at invader disappear, all in a nutshell.
In order to avoid hell called "the Russian world" you need to fight and help fight Ukrainian army and Ukrainian resistance. Life under Russian occupation is walking in minefield.
Any day a person can be unhappy. You can be shot by a drunken Russian soldier or officer (and they never get sober), some bad person can write to you, you can get under a cleanup, be a relative of a rebel, or simply do not give due respect to invader.
One of goals of endless celebration of Russia's victory over fascism is to hide its war crimes. cruel truth is that Soviet (read Russian) army during Second World War committed far more war crimes than Nazis.
German army has never participated in punitive operations. Also, German army did not participate in genocide of Jews. This was done by special units of Nazis. And Russian army in 1945 killed 2 million German women. And this is only during 3 months of occupation. Germans never committed such atrocities in occupied territories.
Fascism is certainly a terrible evil and unequivocally criminal. But fascists did not rape or kill Russian women and children. myth about brutal German army is diligently supported by ideologists of Russism in order to hide crimes of Russian military.
Many naive people are waiting for arrival of Russia and Russian troops. If this happens, all of them are very disappointed. They think that Russians will make them a good life, pensions and salaries.
In fact, Russia behaves like an ox-inseminator. I saw territory that can be captured, climbs there, puts Russian flag there and ... forgets about it.
Russians only know how to occupy. They do not know how to create or build a bright future, they simply do not care. Creation is not peculiar to Russian character. From creation they become moping and bored. Russians need courage. A real courage to them gives only vodka and war.
Therefore, if you love Russia, matryoshkas and balalaikas, my advice to you is to love it all from a distance. All famous Russians preferred to love Russia from non-Russian Petersburg and even more non-Russian Paris.

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Самовластительный Злодей! Тебя, твой трон я ненавижу,
Твою погибель, смерть детей С жестокой радостью я вижу.
Читают на твоём челе Печать проклятия народы,
Ты ужас мира, стыд природы, Упрёк ты Богу на земле.

Вольность (Ода — Пушкин)

But there is also “ITALternative
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Настанет год – России черный год – Когда царей корона упадет, Забудет червь к ним прежнюю любовь,
И пища многих будет смерть и кровь; Когда детей, когда невинных жен Низвергнутый не защитит закон;
Когда чума от смрадных, мертвых тел Начнет бродить среди печальных сел, Чтобы платком из хижин вызывать;
И станет глад сей бедный край терзать, И зарево окрасит волны рек – В тот день явится мощный человек,
И ты его узнаешь – и поймешь, Зачем в руке его булатный нож. И горе для тебя! Твой плач, твой стон
Ему тогда покажется смешон; И будет все ужасно, мрачно в нем, Как плащ его с возвышенным челом.