A Special economic zone (SEZ) is an area in which business and trade laws are different from rest of country. SEZs are located within a country's national borders, and their aims include: increased trade, increased investment, job creation and effective administration. To encourage businesses to set up in zone, financial policies are introduced. These policies typically regard investing, taxation, trading, quotas, customs and labour regulations. Additionally, companies may be offered tax holidays, where upon establishing in a zone they are granted a period of lower taxation.

Political Economy of Special Economic Zones (SSRN.com), This paper is a first attempt to apply a robust political economy framework to explain when Special Economic Zones (SEZs) can contribute to economic development. A robust political economy is one that channels actions of self-interested individuals with limited information to promote economic progress. In right institutional context, SEZs tend to promote economic growth. In wrong institutional context, they can cause resource misallocation and rent-seeking ...

by Violeta Skrypnykova Kyiv School of Economics 2013

Free zones in existence and in operation in Community, as notified by Member States to Commission ...

Free economic zones (FEZ), free economic territories (FETs) or free zones (FZ) are a class of special economic zone (SEZ) designated by trade and commerce administrations of various countries. term is used to designate areas in which companies are taxed very lightly or not at all to encourage economic activity. taxation rules are determined by each country. World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (SCM) has content on conditions and benefits of free zones.


Four Asian Tigers, or Four Asian Dragons, are high-tech industrialized developed countries of Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea along with Hong Kong which underwent rapid industrialization, high technological development and maintained exceptionally high growth rates (in excess of 7 percent a year).

Economy of Taiwan, is 5th largest economy in Asia, and is included in Advanced economies group by International Monetary Fund, and ranked 15th in world by Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum, has a developed capitalist economy that ranks as 19th-largest in world by purchasing power parity (PPP), ranks as 18th in world by gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity per capita (person), and 24th in nominal GDP of investment and foreign trade by Republic of China (ROC) government, commonly referred to as Taiwan.

Economy of Singapore, has been ranked as most open in world, 7th least corrupt, most pro-business, with low tax rates (14.2% of Gross Domestic Product, GDP) and has third highest per-capita GDP in world in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Economy of Hong Kong as one of world's leading international financial centres, Hong Kong's service-oriented economy is characterized by its low taxation, almost free port trade and well established international financial market. Its currency, called Hong Kong dollar, is legally issued by three major international commercial banks, and pegged to US Dollar ...

Economy of South Korea is fourth largest economy in Asia and 11th largest in world. It is a mixed economy dominated by family-owned conglomerates called chaebols, however, dominance of chaebol is unlikely and at risk to support transformation of Korean economy for future generations. South Korea is famous for its spectacular rise from one of poorest countries in world to a developed, high-income country in just one generation ...


Sanctions to remain until Crimea returns to Ukraine — US Diplomat: February 03, 1:36UTC Washington’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley United States should keep its anti-Russian sanctions in place as long as Crimea remains a part of Russia, Washington's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told UN Security Council. She added that her country was seeking to improve relations with Moscow, at same time asserting that Crima’s reunification with Russia was "aggression," "occupation" and "military intervention." ...


Rethinking Ukraine Crisis: A false narrative about civil war in Ukraine prevails in West — that this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. This hostile positioning of Russia is in line with need to heighten tensions between North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia, a phenomenon that has its legacy in Cold War ...

Ukraine's Conflict and Resolution: West - European Union and United States - has shown no qualms in supporting a coup led by ultranationalists to achieve geopolitical aims in Ukraine. Russian actions in semi-autonomous region of Crimea may be illegal de jure, but seem driven by need to counter West's influence in country's "near abroad". As things stand, events portend to a far from ideal conclusion to Ukrainian crisis ...

World Bank Group DOING BUSINESS Measuring Business Regulations Project provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies and selected cities at subnational level. Read more »


17.03.09 Informnapalm.org ToInformIstoInfluence.com - Hague ICJ: Russia vs. Ukraine Update – 9 March 2017 Russian play appears to be churning out past propaganda constructs, and this is likely intended for a Russian domestic MSM audience. Russian courtroom play may also be intended to produce a maximum of confusion about material facts in minds of jurists in court. Notable is that Russians have hired some Western lawyers to argue their case in ICJ.
YouTube – Ukraine’s Legal Team Rebukes Russia’s Arguments in Hague.
YouTube – Ukraine's Opening Statement in Hague Court Against Russia.

17.03.06 ndtv.com France24.com Politico.eu - Boris Johnson: Russia ‘up to all sorts of no good’ “They are engaged in cyber warfare, engaged in undermining countries in Western Balkans — you have seen what happened in Montenegro — to say nothing of what has happened in eastern Ukraine.”


Ayder Muzhdabaev A Crimean Tatar activist says world is staying silent as his people are persecuted by Russia:
Targets of Kremlin's crackdown are Crimean Tatars, ethnic group that originally formed Crimean nation on Black Sea peninsula.

17.03.13 Globalresearch.ca Russia, Ukraine, and International Court of Justice (ICJ): Opening Arguments at Hague. Matters have been far from plain sailing for parties in Ukrainian conflict, and Kiev was determined to remind international audiences about matters in taking Russia to International Court of Justice. This action is one of several fronts Ukrainian government has been using against persistent Russian bogey.

United States stands with people of Ukraine, who have suffered for three years under Russian occupation and military intervention. United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to Russian occupation of Crimea. Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over peninsula to Ukraine.

Quora.com - Return Nuclear Status:
In postwar history, annexation of a part of a sovereign country's territory to aggressor state has no precedent
Do Kazakhstan and Ukraine have legal right to return nuclear weapon program due to canceling Budapest memorandum assurance?


Explained: Ukraine’s Case Against RF at Hague. Analyzing evidence presented by Ukraine accusing of supporting “terrorism” Ukraine claims that Russia bears responsibility for these acts of “terrorism” in Donbas through its funding, outfitting, and support of separatist forces. Seven civilians died and more than thirty were injured after Russia-backed separatist forces carried out a bombardment of Kramatorsk on February 10, 2015. An investigation from International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) found that thirty-two projectiles were fired from four Smerch systems from separatist-controlled territory. Many of other claims made by Russian representatives are absurd when we consider available open source information, especially claim that Russia has not provided weapons or funds to separatist forces.

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UkraiNATO Create Army half a Million with an Independent Financial System.
In postwar history, annexation of a part of a sovereign country's territory to aggressor state has no precedent.

Referendum in Ukraine: a Return Nuclear Status!
Russia's aggression against Ukraine has led to RF international isolation, including NATO's suspension of all practical cooperation with Russia. Moscow's takeover of Crimea brazenly defied UN Charter, seizing a part of Ukraine's sovereign territory by military force.

Annexing a neighboring country’s territory by force, Putin overturned in a single stroke assumptions on which post-Cold War European order has rested.

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CBS News.com - Making America's risk of a financial crisis great again
In decades prior to financial crisis, U.S. underwent a period of financial deregulation under assumption that market forces would prevent financial institutions from taking excessive risk. In particular, shadow banking system -- financial institutions that don’t operate as traditional banks -- was lightly regulated...

17.01.22 - Eastern European countries back NATO support against Russia
After Russia annexed Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine three years ago, Obama administration decided to send thousands of American soldiers to Eastern Europe to reinforce its NATO allies. U.S. Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones joins Alison Stewart to discuss ongoing security situation in Europe

17.01.22 - U.S. NATO troops surge in Europe after Russian aggression
Obama administration sent thousands of American troops to Europe through North Atlantic Treaty Organization in response to Russian aggression -- largest deployment since end of Cold War. It’s a move that has been denounced by Russia. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Christopher Livesay reports from Germany and Poland about military mission.


EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis: In response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and deliberate destabilisation of a neighbouring sovereign country, the EU has imposed restrictive measures against the Russian Federation...

17.02.15 Independent.co.uk - Donald Trump accuses Russia of taking Crimea by force in attempt to distance himself from campaign allegations. White House spokesman Sean Spicer says Mr Trump expects Moscow to hand Crimea back. "Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?" Ukraine says referendum was a sham held at gunpoint after Russian troops illegally annexed peninsula, that Russia-friendly president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted by people power, and that Moscow should return Crimea ...

17.02.14 Reuters.com • White House: Trump expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine • (Reporting by Ayesha Rascoe; Writing by Washington Newsroom; Editing by Eric Walsh), U.S. President Donald Trump made it clear he expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine and reduce violence in Ukraine, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Tuesday. "President Trump has made it very clear that he expects Russian government to de-escalate violence in Ukraine and return Crimea," Spicer said at a daily news briefing. "At same time, he fully expects to and wants to get along with Russia." Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea in 2014.

17.02.07 europeansanctions.com • EU & UK commitment to russia sanctions • February 7, 2017 by Michael O'Kane,
EU foreign ministers have reaffirmed their commitment to continuing sanctions against Russia until it complies with its obligations under Minsk peace agreements. G7 nations also took this position when they met in May last year. EU’s High Representative Federica Mogherini said that although she “cannot say where US administration stands on this…I can say where Europeans stand on this”. Setting out UK’s position, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson stated that “The UK will be insisting that there is no case for relaxation of sanctions, every case for keeping up pressure on Russia”

17.02.05 youtube.com UN ambassador Nikki Haley declared that existing US sanctions would stay in place against Russia stemming from its annexation of peninsula of Crimea from Ukraine, amid renewed fighting in eastern part of country this week. "I consider it unconscionable that occasion of my first appearance here is one in which I must condemn aggressive actions of Russia," Haley said Thursday, February 2, 2017. "The dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions. "


But there is also “ITALternative
Mountains Shake - Billions Get:

- Italy to spend billions to rebuild quake-damaged towns - Blogspot.com
- l'Italia risponde alla Ue: "Gli scostamenti dovuti a sisma e migranti" - Repubblica.it
- lʼItalia chiede allʼEuropa 7 miliardi di euro soltanto per il sisma - TGcom24.mediaset.it


Настанет год – России черный год – Когда царей корона упадет, Забудет червь к ним прежнюю любовь,
И пища многих будет смерть и кровь; Когда детей, когда невинных жен Низвергнутый не защитит закон;
Когда чума от смрадных, мертвых тел Начнет бродить среди печальных сел, Чтобы платком из хижин вызывать;
И станет глад сей бедный край терзать, И зарево окрасит волны рек – В тот день явится мощный человек,
И ты его узнаешь – и поймешь, Зачем в руке его булатный нож. И горе для тебя! Твой плач, твой стон
Ему тогда покажется смешон; И будет все ужасно, мрачно в нем, Как плащ его с возвышенным челом.