Реакцией ПутинаI было приказание вызвать Печерина в Россию и судить его...

1784 April 19 - First Annexation of Crimea
2014 March 27 - United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262

International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague has recognized annexation of Crimean peninsula as a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and a Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2016: Condemning temporary occupation of part of territory of Ukraine — Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol (hereinafter “Crimea”) — by RF, and reaffirming non-recognition of its annexation ... - N1635255.

en.Wikipedia.org - Annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation
Annexation was preceded by a military intervention by Russia in Crimea, which took place in aftermath of 2014 ...

- Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present) This article is about Russian military invasion in post-Euromaidan Ukraine.

14.12.15 • fairobserver.com publicseminar.org • Conflict Over Crimea is Dangerous for Europe: A prominent Danish politician believes the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the sovereignty of Crimea is threatening the security of Europe. According to Speaker of Danish Parliament Mogens Lykketoft , Denmark is ready to comply with the European Union ’s (EU) punitive measures against Russia and, at the same time, encourages the promotion of political and economic stability in the crisis-hit Ukraine ...

14.05.11 • BBC.com publicseminar.org • Why Crimea is so dangerous: Eninsula of Crimea in southern Ukraine is at the centre of what is being seen as the biggest crisis between Russia and the West since the Cold War. However, another significant minority, the Muslim Crimean Tatars, point out that they were once the majority in Crimea, and were deported in large numbers by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1944 for alleged collaboration with Nazi invaders in World War Two. Region remains legally part of Ukraine - a status that Russia backed when pledging to uphold the territorial integrity of Ukraine in a memorandum signed in 1994, also signed by the US, UK and France....



3.1.1.Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard
Over course of past century more than 1000 vessels of various types and purposes were built at yard: destroyers, capital ships, submarines, cruisers, ice-breakers, tugs, whaling factory vessels, dry-cargo ships, research vessels, missile tender ships, submarine tender ships, floating workshops, RORO vessels, antisubmarine cruisers, supertrawlers - fish carriers, sea bottom research vessels, aircraft carriers, tankers as well as tens of thousands of machinery, mechanisms, boilers, equipment of widely differing purposes.
3.1.2.Kherson Shipyard
was established in 1951 as main shipyard of commercial shipbuilding in former Soviet Union and is now considered one of leading shipbuilding and ship repair plant in Ukraine. During its half-century history of factory gained a reputation as a reliable partner.
3.1.3.Nikolaev Machine-Building Plant Private Joint-Stock Company Nikolaev Machine-Building plant (NMBP) specializes in output and repair of products used in manufacturing cycles of shipbuilding, ship repair, machine building, food, metals and mining and coal mining enterprises.
3.2.1.Black Sea Shipyard (Ukrainian: Чорноморський суднобудівний завод; is located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
and is largest shipyard with near direct access to Black Sea. It is most often referred to as Nikolayev South Shipyard and was known as Soviet Shipyard No. 444.
3.2.2.Shipyard named after 61 Communards (Ukrainian: Суднобудівний завод імені 61 комунара 61 Kommunar yard)
is a major shipyard located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. In modern times, shipyard has been most commonly referred to as Nikolaev North Shipyard but was also known as Soviet Shipyard No. 200.
3.2.3.Okean Shipyard (Ukrainian: Завод «Океан») located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
is third major ship construction yard in area. It operates modern production facilities supplied by world known companies and it has a medium and heavy tonnage production line
3.2.4.Zorya-Mashproekt is a research and production complex that specializes in a gas turbine construction. complex is located in city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine and is part of Ukrainian Defense Industries (Ukroboronprom) state corporation.
3.2.5.State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center (Ukrainian: Державне підприємство «Дослідно-проектний центр кораблебудування» (ДП «ДПЦК»)) is a design bureau specializing in shipbuilding and located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. It is part of Ukrainian Defense Industries state corporation.